Global Hospital and Research Centre - GHRC, Mt. Abu


J Watumull Global Hospital and Research Centre is located in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India, and opened in 1991. Built to take advantage of a beautiful, clean and quiet mountain top setting, this 102-bed hospital is a haven of peace in an area where there is an acute shortage of health care.

Key health problems that previously went untreated include obstetric problems, pre-natal, post-natal and infant care, blindness, malaria, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

As well as serving the local community, the hospital has an international role as Mount Abu is a well known place of pilgrimage and tourist centre, attracting over a million visitors a year.

The hospital is pioneering a new model of health care in which spirituality, modern medicine and complementary approaches are brought together in a truly holistic approach.

Its work is based on the philosophy that lasting solutions to health problems require healing of mind, body and spirit.

Many of the staff are trained to create an environment of peace and healing through positive thinking, meditation and spiritual awareness.

Most patients receive the hospital’s services free of charge.

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